With over three hundred miles of ocean shoreline and sandy beaches, and over 12,000 miles of estuarine shoreline, the North Carolina coast and coastal plain is a recreational paradise. Estuarine shorelines include those along the many sounds, intertidal marshes, rivers and creeks, with adjacent wetlands ranging from salt marshes to riverine swamp forests. Black-water streams and rivers provide excellent paddling through cypress, remnant stands of Atlantic white cedar, pocosins with vast swamp forest habitat, and ghost forests as rising sea level drowns ancient riverine swamps, and may catch a glimpse of wildlife including bald eagles, osprey, black bear, bobcats, and the wintering tundra swans and snow geese. Hikers and cyclists can also experience these treasures via a network of hiking trails and bicycle paths.

This map, developed with support from North Carolina Land of Water (NC LOW), feature features (1) paddle trails and access points, (2) trailhead locations for the many hiking trails, and (3) bicycles routes.