North Carolina Sentinel Site Cooperative Projects

The NC Sentinel Site Cooperative (NCSSC) has partnered with the ECU Coastal Atlas to create the NCSSC Clearinghouse.  The Clearinghouse allows users to easily access past and ongoing research and monitoring projects that relate to sea level change, coastal flooding, and resilience in the Cooperative’s geography. The Clearinghouse is intended to provide information and tools to help our communities and resource managers adapt to sea level change and inundation through informed decision making and education.  For more information in the NCSSC, please contact Jennifer Dorton (

Markers on this map’s layers do not represent exact locations. They are intended to show the number and diversity of research projects at approximate locations in each subregion of the North Carolina Sentinel Site. Project information was provided by project personnel. Reasonable efforts will be made to update the information on a regular basis. ECU and the NCSSC cannot and do not warrant the accuracy of the information beyond its source and cannot and do not warrant that the information is absolutely current.

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